Proven profitability and stability

We are trading only on real accounts, that’s why all our results are undeniable and achievable for our clients. FXDIVERSE is not sensitive to requotes, spreads and swaps so it allows you to trade with any broker, which you trust more.

Independent myfxbook company has confirmed the fact that our accounts are real and truthful. We went through all the available levels of account verification.

Proven profitability - track record is verified by myfxbook
FxDiverse 1
Automated forex trading on real account of FxDiverse - MT4 robot


Set profit that you want to get

The Forex robot FXDIVERSE allows you to set the profit that you want to get in one session of trading. It doesn't matter how much profit you want to get - the advisor will do the best to achieve it. Certainly, the balancing profit you set, the faster orders will be closed and the system will work more stable. By the way, you can set the profit as a particular amount of money or as a percentage of deposit.

Use from 3 and up to 28 trading pairs

The advisor has such a good market analysis that allows you to trade perfectly with any currency pairs. That's why you can choose up to 28 pairs which you prefer more. The more pairs you choose, the more often orders will be open and the more trades you will have. Conversely, the less pairs you choose, the more accurate orders will opened and entrance to the market would be less frequent.

Choose and load settings that you like more
No need for knowlege and experience in Forex

We've designed FXDIVERSE that way where all the settings are intuitive and logical. It has settings for both the beginners and the professional traders. So novice and pros can use our settings, the choice of which we provide in abundance. On top of everything else, you will get a detailed manual and our support team is always happy to help and answer all your questions.


FxDiverse is very stable and reliable MT4 Forex system
$ 235
for the year
  • 1 live license for one year
  • 2 demo licenses for one year
  • Free updates
  • Quick support 24/7
FxDiverse is proven profitable trading software in Forex market
$ 275
  • 1 live unlimited license
  • 3 demo unlimited licenses
  • Free updates
  • Quick support 24/7
30 days money back guarantee

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